Tahoe Rim Trail Ski Trip - 2013

This is the account of my 15 day ski tour around Lake Tahoe following--
usually, mostly, often many feet above--the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Each page contains the account of a single day accompanied by photos;
hence, there are 15 pages in the sequence.

Hope you enjoy!

I have a presentation built around this trip ready to bring to
your club, organization, sport shop, special event...
I talk about winter travel, safety, camping, etc,
utilizing photos from this and various trips.

Here is a list of possible content (opens in new window).
Let me know what your group needs/wants to hear!

If you peruse my website, you will see I have many years of
teaching, outdoor experience, training, awards, etc, etc...
(In addition to a ridiculously large number of hobbies, interests, skills, more etcs...)

You will get a very high quality presentation!

PBP...oh yes...you will see plenty of snow...

TRT Ski Tour 2013
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